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Summer Feeling Gallery Wall Art

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Summer Feeling Gallery Wall Art

A gallery wall that screams summertime, featuring a variety of colourful photography, abstract, typography, and square prints. 

Mammoth in size, this gallery wall is the perfect choice of artwork for large spaces such as living rooms or stairwells. 

The gallery wall includes:

1x Framed Print: 50x50 cm each

1x Framed Print: 50x70 cm each

2x Framed Prints: 40x50 cm each

2x Framed Prints: 30x30 cm each

2x Framed Prints: 21x30 cm each

4x Framed Prints: 30x40 cm each

Total approximate size framed is approximately 230 x 115 cm (including a 5 cm gap between each frame).

SKU: OO177 OO442 A1146 SQ0001 SQ0007 PH0025 PH0143 LG0001 TYPO6 TYPO2 PH0137 SQ0020

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